Custom Titanium Carb Cap with Dabber

Stop wasting precious vapor every time you dab. The titanium carb cap will fit over the domeless nail attached to your rig and improve the performance and volume of your dabs. The attached dab tool makes dabbing and capping a seamless motion.
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Grade 2 titanium


110 x 25mm



  (Actual Price Quoted Based on Quantity)



Carb Caps are a must for low-temperature dabbing. Using a carb cap will allow you to fully vaporize your concentrates at the lowest temperatures possible for smooth, flavorful hits.

The angled hole positioned on the edge of the Carb Cap produces a vortex inside the dish of the nail. This vortex pushes your concentrate around the nail for maximum vapor production. The Titanium Nail Carb Cap will also stop your oil from pooling in one side of the nail, so none of your material is wasted.

The universal design makes this piece the perfect accessory for any domeless titanium nail measuring 10mm, 14mm, and even 18mm in size. The detachable feature allows users to separate the carb cap from the dabber for easy cleaning and increased convenience, allowing each piece to be used individually. Included in the design of this carb cap are two holes to improve ventilation and easily control airflow. Made from high-quality medical-grade two titanium material ensures its durability and high heat resistance.


  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Must Have with Domeless Nails and Bangers
  • Conserves Materials While Providing Larger Hits
  • Detachable Dab Tool
  • Two Air Intake Holes
  • Tool Can Be Added to Side of Carb Cab
  • Length: 4.33″
  • Fit 10mm, 14mm and 18mm domeless nails

We could custom any sizes and shapes for you, free samples support.

titanium carb cap with dabber