Titanium Flask Wine Pot 200ML Lightweight

  • Food grade titanium, super strong construction.
  • Healthy, eco-friendly close to human body.
  • Dishwasher safe, Non-toxic.
  • Good heat transfer performance.
  • Comes in a storage sack.
  • Perfect for outdoor camping, hiking, backpacking.
Part No



Pure Titanium TA1


(D)58 x (H)99mm

Net Weight


Surface Finish


  (Actual Price Quoted Based on Quantity)



Flagon: Little thing, big effect; small and exquisite, hand-held and carry-on. Easy to fill and empty.

Size: (D)58x(H)99mm; bottle neck: 15mm(H); capacity: 200ml; weight: about 50g.

Durable, healthy & eco-friendly: Made from 100% Titanium.

The flask is Corrosion & high temperature resistant. Lightweight and stronger than steel; Never rust,anti-corrosion from acid and alkali; There are no after taste on the and they are also non-allergenic.

Applied to: outdoor camping, sports, backpacking, hiking, self-driving and daily use.

This flask is not only good for camping. It comes with a drawstring, so it’s easy to carry your trip. Using it traveling can be a great way to reduce the weight of your friend traveling with you.

  • Lightweight and handy, not easily react with other substances.
  • No metallic smell or taste, never rust, retain the original taste of wine.
  • Reusable and really last very long.
  • They are rustproof and never rust.

You can use a healthy bottle of alcohol at a reasonable price in your backpacking trip.