Titanium Slotted Countersunk Screws

  • Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium.
  • Never rust, anti-acid and alkali corrosion.
  • Good low temperature performance.
  • Very strong yet lightweight.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High heat intensity.
  • OEM size and length.
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Titanium TA2 / Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium

Surface Finish


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Titanium Slotted Countersunk Screws feature a pan head and are machine screws made to DIN 84 standard. They are generally installed using a standard, flat blade screwdriver – rather than a power driver, as the driver tends to slip out and can cause damage to the surface the fastener is being applied to.

Similar in aesthetic appearance to a Slotted Pan Head Machine Screw, as both the aforementioned feature a slotted head. They feature a head height which is equal to approximately half the head diameter.

Available in both Titanium Grade 2 (black icon image) and Titanium Grade 5 (red icon image) in diameters from M3 to M10, with special diameters and lengths available to be made to order.

Free samples. Please contact us with your requirements to further your enquiry.