Titanium Tactical Pen Hallow Structure

  • Titanium Grade 5 6AL4V, lightweight yet durable.
  • Titanium pocket clip.
  • Bio-compatible, non-toxic to humans.
  • Tungsten steel attack head.
  • Highly compact and portable.
  • Fisher Space Pen pressurized refill.
Part No



Titanium Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium

Overall Length

5.40" / 137mm



Net Weight


Surface Finish


  (Actual Price Quoted Based on Quantity)



Pens are still incredibly important nowadays, even in the digital age we live in. We use them for taking notes, writing phone numbers down, and signing important papers. A good pen is needed, even if you have a smartphone/tablet. However, you need more and this is where tactical pens come into play.

As a self-defense tool, this pen will usually not be used. However, it is possible that the person you use it on isn’t someone you respect or someone who deserved it because they are actually someone who may be a defense. As such, this is a devastatingly successful weapon to defeat someone.

Let me show you what our pen includes.

  1. Pen Point
  2. Cap
  3. Spring
  4. Refill
  5. O-ring
  6. Hallow Structure
  7. Precision Finger Print
  8. Titanium Titanium Grade 5 6AL4V material body
  9. Tungsten Steel HStead