Titanium Writing Ballpoint Pen

  • Titanium Grade 5 6AL4V material, lightweight.
  • Titanium pocket clip.
  • Bio-compatible, non-toxic to humans.
  • Highly compact and portable.
  • Fisher Space Pen pressurized refill.
Part No



Titanium Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium

Overall Length

4.96" / 126mm



Net Weight


Surface Finish


  (Actual Price Quoted Based on Quantity)



The actual substance of ink refills is sacrilege? Then our Titanium Metal Ball Pen is just the right thing for you. In a premium metal casing with a tip of aluminum, the milky black ink fits in your hand like a peaceful giant, thus reflecting a delicate appearance.
Carry the power of the earth in the palm of your hand with our titanium ballpoint pen. Ready to travel the world and withstand the test of time, this unique pen is crafted from a single piece of titanium, offering superior strength, lightweight, and incredible good looks for everyday office use as well as daily adventures.