Titanium Flashlight CREE XM-L2U2 LED

  • CREE XM-L2U2 LED Chip
  • Rustless, Resistant to corrosion
  • Ultralight Weighs
  • Lifetime Warranty
Part No



Titanium 6AL4V



Surface Finish

Polishing / Sandblasting


27g (Not including battery)

  (Actual Price Quoted Based on Quantity)



If you’ve been chilling on Instagram checking out others’ edc gear you might be seeing a ton of titanium. It’s no surprise that titanium is so popular given it’s sleek and stunning look. You may ask why anyone would pay more money for a titanium flashlight. We’ll take a look at what makes titanium a great material for LED flashlights and talk about a couple of awesome titanium flashlights.

What’s So Great About Titanium Flashlights?

Titanium is a material that makes a flashlight look phenomenal. The beautiful style alone often causes flashlight enthusiasts to flock to titanium flashlights. However, looks alone are not the only reason that titanium is so great. Titanium is actually quite a bit tougher than aluminum making your LED flashlight even stronger. It’s even resistant to corrosion!

High quality aluminum flashlights will typically have a hard anodized coating on the outside. This coating will give the flashlight a matte look and often will make the flashlights wear resistant. However, with time and use aluminum flashlights will start to show the wear and the hard anodized finish may start to chip away. This finish helps to prevent the aluminum from rusting and protects the flashlight. With a titanium flashlight you don’t need to worry about this. Titanium is resistant to rust and doesn’t need a hard anodized finish for extra protection so you won’t see any finish chipping away throughout the years you use it.

Titanium is an excellent material, but there are some things you should know about it. First, which you may already know, is that a titanium flashlight is quite a bit more expensive than an aluminum flashlight.. It also doesn’t dissipate heat as well as an aluminum flashlights though it still does have good heat dissipation. Finally, it’s typically heavier than an aluminum flashlight, though not too much heavier. Whether the pros outweigh the cons is up to you. Titanium is so strong, beautiful, and ages fairly well that many users love it.