Titanium Short Attack Stick Self Defense Window Breaker

The latest edition to our EDC collection may be just what you’re looking for! Constructed of lightweight 6Al-4V Titanium, features a strong attack head on the bottom end. It’s a great addition that can be used as a scribe, or to get you out of that emergency situation with ease.

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Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium





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Our titanium self-defense attack sticker is a close-quarter self-defense weapon developed by Bosetitanium. It is essentially a derivation of the strong Titanium Gr5 stick. Usually, 5.5 inches (14 cm) long and 0.51 inch (1.3 cm) in diameter, slightly thicker or the same size as a marker pen, could attach with a keyring for convenience and concealment.

The principal areas for attacks in self-defense include bony, fleshy, and nerve targets such as knuckles, forearms, bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus, spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck, eyes, etc. The Bosetitanium is usually held in either an icepick grip (for hammer fist strikes) or forward grip (for stabbing and pressure point attacks). Typical uses include hardening the fist (fist load) for punching, attacking vulnerable parts of an assailant’s body, and gaining leverage on an assailant’s wrist, fingers, and joints. It will be a great convenient EDC tool if attached with a keyring. It can also function as a flailing weapon.