Ultralight Titanium Travel Coffee Filter

  • Made out of 100% Pure Titanium.
  • Four sizes, lightweight, easy to carry in a camping.
  • Folding handle for easy lifting without burning fingers.
  • Stain-resistant, washer safe, and built to last.
  • Non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and non-toxic.
  • 100% food approved and BPA-free.
Part No



Pure Titanium TA1


S: (D)51(45) x (H)38mm; M: (D)65(45) x (H)67mm;
L: (D)80(60) x (H)80mm; XL: (D)75(60) x (H)103mm.

Net Weight

8.3g; 16.8g; 23.6g; 24.5g.

Surface Finish


  (Actual Price Quoted Based on Quantity)



Can you image we could drink coffee when travel in the countryside? Don’t let anything come between you and a fresh cup of pure coffee. Our Titanium Travel Coffee Filter is a solo pour-over coffee maker that easily fits and nests with your mugs.

Our titanium travel coffee filter is a case in point. Four sizes for you choose. Weighing just from 8-24g, it’s an ultra-lightweight solution to a problem no one really has.

Made out of 100% titanium, it is durable, stain-resistant, washer safe, and built to last. Titanium prevents food from oxidizing, so you could taste the delicious hot coffee whether at home or on the trail.

But that’s to miss the point. I travel a lot. An awful lot, and getting good coffee in your hotel room is harder than you might think. However, if I pack the Bose travel filter, I can make a great cup of coffee no matter where I am, whether that’s the side of a mountain, on the edge of a snowmobile trail, in a remote log cabin, while I’m out ultra-running, or even just staying in a BBQs.

Patience is needed; the filter bed is small, and if you like your coffee strong then it will be full, leaving little space for the boiling water. But dribbling it in and waiting for it to seep through before carefully adding more is surprisingly satisfying, adding a Zen element to what is usually an automatic process undertaken without thought or intervention.

And, the fact that it’s titanium makes me smile every single time I use it; the way it seems to float in my hand is worth every penny.